Portfolio Companies:


Amphus develops blade server management solutions that reduce the complexity and costs of managing large internet infrastructures across enterprise, data center, as well as small and medium-size business environments. Its main software product, ManageSite™ automates and simplifies the critical server management functions of deployment, platform, workload and power management, including initial deployment and upgrades, and the ongoing monitoring and remote management of entire server infrastructures.
Amphus sells Vadem's chip products that are targeted at mobile and embedded information appliances product designs.

Data Evolution Corporation  

Data Evolution Corporation was formed in 2001 and is co-headquartered in New Orleans, Louisiana, U.S.A., and Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. The company manufactures computer hardware and develops proprietary computer software for mobile data capture solutions. We focus on specific niche markets for our software products and services, such as healthcare, financial services, education, government services, sales automation, and other forms-based, "point of" data collection intensive industries. .

ParaGraph develops and markets pen and Internet products and technologies, including its award-winning CalliGrapher® handwriting recognition, NetCalif™ client/server handwriting recognition, PenOffice™ suite of pen-centric applications, and Netwriter™ "Instant Visual Messenger™" digital ink communications, multi-user server technology. PhatWare provides distribution & support for ParaGraph products.